Take over plot of the spiritual movement of Eckankar

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Not only Eckankar or Scientology, but in this series you will find other Religious Movements which have been taken over by the enemy:

Sri Darwin Gross (1928- 2008) was an American spiritual teacher who succeeded to the leadership of Eckankar in 1971 at the translation (death) of its founder Paul Twitchell. Darwin held the position of "Living ECK Master" from 1971 to 1981. Darwin appointed his successor Harold Klemp as Living Eck Master in 1981. In 1983, Harold Klemp and the Eckankar board of directors removed Darwin from his position as President in a takeover coup. Darwin was charged with embezzling funds but the accusations were unsubstantiated and later dismissed. ...

After Sri Darwin was ousted from Eckankar in 1983, the majority of ECKists left the teachings. A small percentage remained following Harold Klemp. Now legally precluded from using Eckankar terminology, Sri Darwin carried on Sri Paul Twitchell's original teachings under the name "ATOM: Ancient Teachings of the Masters," [4] while Eckankar created a religion out of the original writings of Sri Paul Twitchell. This, coupled with editing and withdrawing of Sri Paul's writings clearly violated the very teachings that were claiming to be presented by the "new" Eckankar. A fear factor was introduced into the Eckankar teachings under Harold Klemp. Students were threatened with the loss of initiations if they followed Sri Darwin or if they even tried to talk with him. This was a hollow threat to any true student well versed in the teachings for no one has the power to take away what is given directly by Sugmad (God). Sri Darwin's books were burned and his entire history was expunged. See "Darwin Gross Truth Files" ...

Today, the official Eckankar website does not mention Darwin Gross or acknowledge his place in the development of Eckankar. All books, lessons, tapes and other materials connected to "Sri" Gross have been removed completely from the history of the present day Eckankar movement. ...

During the decade of his leadership of Eckankar, Gross expanded the physical organization and membership of Eckankar substantially taking if from a $50,000 corporation to over 35 million by the time he was illegally ousted from the Eckankar Religion.

Although Sri Darwin Gross is mentioned in several current ECK books, his own writings and talks are no longer offered through Eckankar, nor is Sri Darwin Gross listed as one of the Eck masters on the official Eckankar web site.

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