Further Missing Senior Executives of Scientology Top Management

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We already had articles on this subject (D.M. got rid of his other RTC-Execs Mark Rathbun and Warren McShane‎ and Nearly all CMO Int Staffs SP declared‎), but got new news today in this one: An Open Letter by the Niece of David Miscavige Jenna Miscavige Hill on Disconnection and the lies by OSA-PR about it.

So we investigated and found a picture of The top of Scientology in 1990:


From left to right:

  • Kurt Weiland (Commanding Officer OSA Int.),
  • Mike Rinder (LRH Personal PR Officer Int.),
  • Janet Light (Director of IAS Administrations),
  • Marc Yager (Inspector General for Admin RTC),
  • empty
  • David Miscavige (Chairman of the Board RTC),
  • empty
  • Norman Starkey (Trustee of LRH's estate RTC),
  • Ray Mithoff (Inspector General for Tech RTC),
  • Mark Rathbun (Inspector General for Ethics RTC),
  • Guillaume Lesevre (Executive Director Int.) and
  • Ronnie Miscavige (Marketing Executive Int.).

I marked all persons, about whom I know, that they lost their valuable post in bold letters. That is 5 out of 10!

Andreas Grosz

D.M. please mark the correct answer to this question:
Why are the two chairs next to D.M. empty?

  • a) Because D.M. is such a big guy, that he needs 3 chairs.
  • b) D.M. is "so popular", that no one wants to sit next to him.
  • c) D.M. keeps them free "for LRH and MSH".
  • d) in the beginning of the evening they were occupied by 2 persons later declared S.P.
  • e) D.M demonstrates with this his trinity, unity of D.M. in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • f) These chairs have been occupied by his Seniors: Mead Emory (IRS/CST) and an unknown gentleman (CIA), but they don't like flashlights.
  • g) (here you can add one or two better ideas)

Here I found an old photo of RTC.


You see D.M. and a lot of his juniors: Amongst his juniors I can recognize 47 women but only 14 men.