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Author of this posting: Larry Brennan

On Thursday March 6, 2008 a third senior scientology staff member has now gone on the radio and spoke, amongst other things, about David Miscavige's beatings of top scientology staff members.

Here is a link to this most recent program:


It is from the radio program "The Edge" hosted by Tom Smith.

In this program, Jeff Hawkins speaks about times of working with Hubbard and later with David Miscavige. He goes into major human rights abuses carried out through organized scientology especially on the RPF ("Rehabilitation Project Force") and much more.

At about 21 minutes 20 seconds into the interview Jeff goes into an example of how Miscavige intimidates other staff. Starting at 22 minutes 30 seconds into the interview Jeff gives examples of being beaten by Miscavige himself. Starting at about 28 minutes 27 seconds into the interview, Jeff talks of witnessing Miscavige beat Lyman Spurlock, Mike Rinder and Mark Yager - then all top executives.

Starting at about 32 minutes 31 seconds into the interview Jeff explains very well, in my opinion, why so many staff at the international headquarters put up with the abuses and stay. And, why they will lie about there not being such abuses.

Another very important point by Jeff is that the vast majority of staff outside of the int headquarters and perhaps all the celebrities know NOTHING of Miscaviges constant beatings and abuses of staff. They are taught not to listen to such things.

But what is truly needed is to make these people aware of the truth. Only through this will there be any chance of stopping the abuses.

I myself have spoken about Miscavige beating others on a number of occasions. Here are a couple of links:

a) One of the radio programs that I did with Tom Smith:


Starting at about 15 minutes 25 seconds into that interview I say the following about Miscavige:

"....In that exact time period I have seen him at the church's International headquarters. I've seen him take a top WDC member, punch him hard on the mouth. Another one strangled down to the floor. Another one slapped down. Because they wouldn't listen to him and Hubbard. And all this time, Miscavige is saying in court, 'I'm not involved in the running of it, we're all separate corporations' ".

Here is another link to one of many posts I have made about Miscavige beating others when I spoke about being with Anonymous in Boston:


If you look at the press links in that post, you will see some mention of Miscavige beating others.

Then there is this link:


While that link shows me in a Sea Org Commander's uniform in 1983 when I worked with Miscavige and lists some radio programs I have done, I wanted to direct your attention to the link re a show with Bruce Hines. The link is not working at this minute but should be soon.

That is another show with Tom Smith where Bruce Hines, another top ex staff member, did much of the talking. Like Jeff Hawkins did, Bruce spoke of the human rights abuses on the RPF. He also spoke of David Miscavige physically assaulting him.

So now that is three people all on radio talking of Miscavige's physical abuses. I assure you that this is just the very tip of the iceberg and much more will be coming to public light this year about all this.

Press are being spoken to about this as well book writers and even government officials abroad and even the FBI. Also much more is being done to encourage others to give their examples of the truth so as to expose and hopefully end the abuses.

Stay tuned.....

Larry Brennan - SME

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