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We need the following support for reaching the goal to remove D.M. within 2008:

  • more Knowledge Reports on his crimes: write them down and send them in.
  • more articles, which were already published somewhere, which could be collected and republished here - but look out not to violate any copyrights.
  • we need the support of some graphic designers, who pep up this site. You can start with the logo of the side, which you can see in the top left corner. This is only temporary and should be replaced soon with an appropriate one. Please be creative and send your suggestion in.
  • some experienced wiki-administrators are needed. This site must be controlled against sabotage, for this we need reliable administrators.
  • also programers would be helpfull. For example we want to enhance this site with articles in other languages, especially with translations. This should be recognized by the reader, if there exists a translation into his language, so that he can take this link.
  • and we need translators.
  • and people who make this site and project well known around the world: PR-officer: the site should be published on search engines and in newsgroups and where ever it could be mentioned with reality.
  • and we need authors who spread the message about the take over of Scientology into the outer world, outside Scientology: there are a lot of people interested in the activities of the intelligence community or in politics in general or inform other religions. There are a lot of minority religions, which experienced a similar take over in the last century. It would be usefull to tell them the story of Scientology and the CIA and to tell Scientologists the story of Bhagwan, Reiki, Mormons and many more.
  • and of course we need a lot of money for our war chest. Use this link for your donation: Site support or the link in the navigation bar on the left side.